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Activesol ULTRA series modules have been specially designed for mobile marine and inland applications. They are ideal as an independent source of power supply on boats, yachts, campers. Thanks to their light weight, they can be installed almost anywhere. The construction of the Activesol Ultra ensures better productivity for low sunlight angles. In addition, the module’s highly transmissive top layer has a low surface tension, which prevents dirt from sticking which can reduce the module’s efficiency. 

Panel’s aesthetic design makes the Activesol Ultra an attractive piece of equipment. Faultless, waterproof and noiseless – it’s the perfect companion, and always full of energy!

Activesol Ultra series is manufactured from materials that make them resistant to the weather conditions found in inland areas. For applications on floating vehicles or near bodies of saltwater, we suggest using Activesol ULTRA or ULTRA+ series panels.

The ASOLU-150P-W0R panel features an output of 152 Wp and works well with PWM and MPPT type charge controllers. Depending on solar conditions and location, the panel is capable of providing up to 835 Wh of electricity per day, which translates into:

  • Boiling 9 litres of boiling water
  • approx. 54 hours of operation of the travel refrigerator (50l)
  • approx. 28h laptop operation
  • approx. 55 full charges from 0 to 100% for a typical smartphone

Technical specifications

125 WP

20,67 V

6,05 A

24,85 V

6,51 A

Dimensions (L x W)
536 x 1196 mm

Thickness (panel + box)
2 + 10 mm

2,6 kg

structural ETFE

epoxy fiberglass

5-year warranty