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About Activesol


Energy in motion

Activesol - energy drives us

We are a Polish company that has been operating on the market since 2003. One of our fields of expertise is PV module manufacturing. We serve customers all over the world. We advise, design and support during installation. We offer standard and non-standard solutions. We design photovoltaic micro-installations and customized systems of any size: from single-module to large-scale.

Our R&D optimizes the production process and improves our modules in terms of efficiency and durability, as well as novice applications. In addition to our activity related to renewable energy sources, we produce optical media – CD-R, CD, CD mini, DVD, Blu-Ray and phonograph records. We have our own record press, printing house and a mastering department, where disc masters for CDs, DVDs and Vinyls are produced. We also distribute EMP files.


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Sustainable solutions
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Get to know our story

  • 2012 launch of the production of frame photovoltaic modules in Warsaw.
  • 2013 adding new products to the offer – flexible modules and BIPV.
  • 2014 establishing the Activesol brand.
  • 2015 increasing the production potential of frame panels by expanding production lines to a capacity of 65 MW / year.
  • 2016 relocating production to a new site in Warsaw, with an area of ​​2000 m2. Creating a department dealing with the design and production of Activesol semi-flexible photovoltaic modules.
  • 2017 launching the project “Development, implementation and research of an innovative photovoltaic panel to work in on-grid systems” and obtaining funding for its implementation.
  • 2018 reinforcing the Activesol semi-fliexible panels machine park with modern computer numerical control, 3D printing and quality control.
  • 2020 commissioning a photovoltaic laboratory equipped with environmental chambers for researching manufactured products – Provolab laboratory in Świdnik.
  • 2021 executing the first 1,500 individual projects for our customers!