Regulator Victron Energy 100|30

//Regulator Victron Energy 100|30

Regulator Victron Energy 100|30

12 / 24 V

The charge controller protects the battery from being overcharged by the solar array and from being deep discharged by the loads.

  • Bluetooth enabled (Bluetooth dongle needed)
  • Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection in case of partial shading conditions
  • Direct communication port
  • Charge current up to 30A and PV voltage up to 100V


The BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 charge controller is able to charge a lower nominal-voltage battery from a higher nominal voltage PV array. The controller will automatically adjust to a 12 or 24V nominal battery voltage.

  • 2 Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Especially in case of a clouded sky, when light intensity is changing continuously, an ultra fast MPPT controller will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers and by up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.

  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection in case of partial shading conditions

If partial shading occurs, two or more maximum power points may be present on the power-voltage curve. Conventional MPPT’s tend to lock to a local MPP, which may not be the optimum MPP. The innovative BlueSolar algorithm will always maximize energy harvest by locking to the optimum MPP.

  • Outstanding conversion efficiency

No cooling fan. Maximum efficiency exceeds 98%. Full output current up to 40°C (104°F).

  • Flexible charge algorithm

Eight preprogrammed algorithms, selectable with a rotary switch.

  • Extensive electronic protection

Over-temperature protection and power derating when temperature is high. PV short circuit and PV reverse polarity protection. PV reverse current protection.

  • Internal temperature sensor

Compensates absorption and float charge voltages for temperature.

  • 8 Automatic battery voltage recognition

The MPPT 100/30 will automatically adjust itself to a 12V or a 24V system.

  • Adaptive three step charging The BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controller is configured for a three step charging process: Bulk – Absorption – Float.
  • Remote on-off

The MPPT 100/30 can be controlled remotely by a VE.Direct non inverting remote on-off cable (ASS030550300). An input HIGH (Vi > 8V) will switch the controller on, and an input LOW (Vi < 2V, or free floating) will switch the controller off.

Application example: on/off control by a VE.Bus BMS when charging Li-ion batteries.

Real-time data display on Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other devices VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle needed: see our website.